The InPlayers is proud and excited to present our second season of educational workshops for all and any who are interested in learning more about our shared hobby - theater.  The subjects of the workshops are chosen by InPlayers members as well as those interested in taking part. If you have ideas for subjects for the educational workshops then please don’t hesitate to send us a mail at to let us know.  The educational series is for all of us!

The educational series will take place once a month, on a Saturday, at the Polanentheater from 14.00 to 17.00. Costs are €5 for members and €15 for non- members.  You must pre-pay in order to reserve.  There is a maximum number of participants for most workshops. Please mail for information and to reserve. We hope to see you there!

April 15
Extravert Acting: The Outside-In Method
Hosted by Yvonne GIllisen

This workshop is an introduction and gives the participants an opportunity to explore how to create and develop a character by starting from the
outside. The outside-in approach describes what the character looks like: height/weight; hair/skin/eye color; voices indications; other superficial indicators like clothing, job, wealth/status. The actor must use and work on the physicality of the character in order to understand who he is and what his feelings and thoughts are. This can be an excellent start for character development.

Yvonne Gillisen is a freelance actress (drama, education), theatre-director and writer (litterature, drama). She studied Theatre (directing in Amsterdam, Theatre school HBO, 1983-1985) with an emphasis in Method acting (1986-1989),  explored Dancing, did a lot of body-mind- work and research in various acting fields. She publishes short stories and and plays since 1996.

Hosted BY Elyzabeth Gorman

Viewpoints is a physical theater technique used in advanced theater training in the US and has been used to develop plays like The Brother/Sister Plays, Floyd Collins, and Civil War Christmas, as well as the work of the SITI Company. Viewpoints for Improvisers focuses on nonverbal communication and improvised staging.  The workshop will hone a performer’s ability to be aware of the whole ensemble and to work off each other’s unspoken impulses. Focusing on the elements of physical storytelling will help performers find stage pictures that are dynamic and visually interesting while supporting the scene.

Elyzabeth Gorman is an award-winning theater director from New York. In addition to dozens of productions and script development workshops based on Viewpoints and Boal, she ran workshops with improv actors to help strengthen group dynamic and improve ensemble storytelling. Her love of Shakespeare brought her to research at the Folger Library, guest lecture atNew York University, and earned the Gielgud Fellowship for Classical Directors.

June 17
Naturalistic Improvisation and Impromptu Storytelling
Hosted by Shea Elmore

Naturalistic Improvisation
Through a series of exercises focused on both personal awareness and teamwork, you will learn a style of improvisation that feels more like life, which can be freeing for both improvisers and actors without a background in improvisation. And just like life, it can be beautiful, it can be sad, it can be scary, and it can be hilarious.

Impromptu Storytelling
Creating a fully realized story on the spot can be daunting. But breaking down basic story elements and reassembling them with specific milestones in mind simplifies the process. We take the basic narrative structure and look at it from different angles to make the most sense of it. We then play with techniques and concepts to see how they fit together, so you can confidently play both the actor and the playwright at once.

Participants will leave the workshop with new tools that can be applied in their own performances, whether it be for improvisation or scripted work. You can learn more about Shea & his work at

Shea Elmore specializes in a style of interactive performance that gives ordinary audience members the power to be the stars of their own fictional play. Each story is created on the spot, and a world is developed around the participant to play how they want and to fight for what, and who, they care about. In addition to having run his own interactive theatre company in New York, Shea has led workshops for actors and non-actors alike.