We are currently planning our 2017-2018 Educational Series. Are you interested in hosting a workshop? Contact friedajacobowitz@planet.nl for information.

The InPlayers is proud and excited to present an educational series of workshops this season for all and any who are interested in learning more about our shared hobby - theater. The subjects of the workshops were partially chosen by all of those who filled in surveys about what kind of workshops they would like to see offered. An upcoming survey will once again give you the chance to let your desires for workshops be known. The educational series will take place once a month, on a Saturday, at CREA from 14.00 to 17.00. Costs are €5 for members and €15 for non- members.  You must pre-pay in order to reserve.  There is a maximum number of participants for most workshops. Please contact Frieda at friedajacobowitz@planet.nl for information and to reserve. We hope to see you there!