The InPlayers’ plans three full-length productions each season in addition to our many other events.

Submissions are now open for members or non-members who would like to direct a play or musical for:

2019/2020 Season

2020/2021 Season

This is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your directing dreams in a safe, supported way knowing that cast, crew, rehearsals, theater and ticket sales are taken care of, if that’s what you need. The InPlayers is about letting anyone and everyone get involved in English-language amateur dramatics. We aim to keep our activities friendly, fun and relaxed, but of course as high-quality as we can make them.

If you have a play but cannot direct, then feel free to nominate a director and be sure to include their name in the submission. We cannot find one for you.

You’ll find the submission form HERE

These are the guidelines:


Anything is welcome and will be considered! The important thing is that you need to direct (or have someone who will direct for you). Musical submissions must have both a Director and a Musical Director; if you are having difficulty finding someone, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist. Just send an email to  if you have an idea and we will help you flesh it out. The committee will look at all submissions and get back to everyone who submits with feedback and our decision.  You will be asked to present your idea to the committee.

The InPlayers' submission procedure has changed, so that directors are no longer required to submit proposals for productions by a specific cut-off time. Currently, the only time constraints are that the production be mounted on the dates that a theater has been pre-booked: for example a winter, spring or summer production. That is, unless the director requires another theater that has similar dates available, and can help in arranging an agreement with that theater. This gives a director the chance to begin preparations as far in advance as they find necessary, since a proposal for up to two years in advance may be considered.

Your production:

You don’t need to have thought it all through to the last detail, but we would like you to have considered the following in your submission:

- How much the performance rights will cost. You can easily find this on the internet.
- Who you have on board to help as your production team.
- Technicalities such as music, lights, props, audio-visual, set and costumes required. Although we can handle most things, we do have to keep a budget and we try not to let costs run out of control. If you’re still not sure on all of this, that’s fine. We really just need to know if there will be anything complicated or very expensive.

Your cast:

InPlayers usually has around 60 members - not all act, but most do. We like to involve as many members as possible in our productions, but smaller casts are also welcome. Prospective members are of course also welcome to audition and join. All those cast in a production must become a member.

Your crew:

We have many people associated with us who have expertise in costumes, music, piano playing, lights, sound and set design, so we can help in these areas, although of course you are welcome to arrange your own crew.

 Your auditions:

We will help you arrange auditions and book the location.  We have mailing lists we can use and we like to be kept in the loop, but you can also do everything yourself of course.  We require that you hold open auditions.

Your rehearsals:

We will help you book rehearsals too and these are often at CREA in Amsterdam or Platform C in Amstelveen. You will probably be able to rehearse only once at the theater, before production. 

Your budget:

Of course we would like to set all costs off against ticket sales and we are continuously working on improving our publicity. However it doesn’t always work out as planned and we have some room to fund performances from membership fees.  At the end of the day, we are all about putting on plays, not about making a profit.  Though breaking even would be good…;-)

Your publicity and ticket sales:

We will help with publicity and, of course, ticket sales, but we expect the director to get involved in publicizing the performance.  Ticket sales are now online, as well as at the door of the theater.

Your contact with the committee:

If your submission is selected, you will be assigned a committee member as your liaison with the committee.  They will help with as much as you feel necessary, particularly budgeting, but ultimately planning and production will be up to you.

Pre-cast plays

Occasionally people approach us with a play and the cast already in mind.  We are very open to helping with the production of a pre-cast play, but it won’t be considered for one of the three main productions.  If the committee decides to facilitate this, it will be presented separately. This is because we believe our mission is to get people of all levels involved in amateur dramatics and we therefore want everyone to have a chance at auditioning for our main productions.

 We very much look forward to hearing from you!