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AUDITIONS - Winter 2018 Production - An Enemy of the People

  • CREA Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 Amsterdam, NH, 1018 Netherlands (map)

An Enemy of the People

A political comedy by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Rocky Hopson
29 August  from 19:00 to 21:00  @CREA Room 202 - Monologues and scenes.
2 September from 12:00 to 17:00 @CREA Room 307 - Monologues 12:00 to 14:00 and Callbacks  14:00-17:00
Address: CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam

If interested or have any questions contact Rocky at or by phone on 06 47 457 877.

All roles are open to any gender, race or religion with the exception of Petra, who will stay female. There’s a few very minor roles with only one or two lines. Only a few rehearsals needed. If interested let me know. 

For auditions prepare a short monologue. 

Callbacks will be reading scenes from the show.  

Performances Dates  
29 - 30 November, 1 - 2 December at the Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174, 1013 WC Amsterdam map

Begin Sept 5 and continue twice a week most likely Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Play Summary  
The town has built a huge bathing complex that is crucial to the town's economy. Dr. Stockmann has just discovered that the baths' drainage system is seriously contaminated. The Doctor alerts several members of the community, including the press, and receives generous support and thanks for making this discovery in time to save the town. The next morning, however, the Doctor’s sibling, who is the town's mayor, say that the Doctor must retract the statements, for the necessary repairs would be too expensive; additionally, the mayor is not convinced by Dr. Stockmann's findings. The siblings have a fierce argument, but Dr. Stockmann hopes that at least Hovstad's newspaper will support. However, the mayor convinces Hovstad and Aslaksen to oppose Dr. Stockmann. The doctor holds a town meeting to give a lecture on the baths, but Aslaksen and the mayor try to keep from speaking. Dr. Stockmann then begins a long tirade condemning the foundations of the town and the tyranny of the majority. The audience finds the speech incredibly offensive, and the next morning the doctor's home is vandalized and he and his family are ostracized. But the Doctor will continue his fight even if he has to stand alone.  

Character descriptions

Doctor Stockmann  Age 30+ male or female - A practicing medical doctor, the medical officer of the town baths, and the sibling of the mayor. Stockmann is idealistic and excitable. 

K. Stockmann  Age 30+ male or female. Dr. Stockmann's partner.  Loyal and practical and often encourages the Doctor to think of family when being rash. 

Petra Stockmann  20+ Female. The daughter of Thomas and Katherine, Petra is as idealistic as her father. She is a hard-working teacher, and she is frustrated that the law requires her to teach things she doesn't believe in.

Mayor Stockmann  +30 male or female. The Mayor is Dr. Stockmann's sibling and mayor ot the town. A cautious but sometimes ruthless politician.

Hovstad  20+ male or female. Editor of The People's Messenger, the town's leftist newspaper. Although slightly corrupt, at heart a political radical.

Aslaksen  20+ male or female. Aslaksen is the newspaper's printer. He lets the paper print on credit, so has a degree of editorial control. Is also the chairman of the Homeowners Association, which represents the town's small business class, the majority of voters. A lover of moderation.

Billings  20+ male or female. An assistant at the newspaper, a radical, like Hovstad, also ambitious and plans to run for office. 

Captain Horster  30+ male or female. A ship captain who has little interest in local politics, Horster provides the hall for Doctor Stockmann's speech, but is fired from his ship as a result.

Mr. Kelly  50+ male or female.  Kelly is K. Stockmann’s parent. A rich old person, Kelly owns several of the tanneries that Dr. Stockmann implicates in his water pollution report. Kelly’s will assigns a good deal of wealth to her and her children.


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