Based on Grease, by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Directed by Keith Day and Frieda Jacobowitz, Musical Director: Laurens van der Klis

Workshopped on 14th and 22nd June, presented on 22 June 2014
Badhuistheater. Andreas Bonnstraat 28, Amsterdam


Danny: Freek Wouters
Sandy: Sandy Topzand
Rizzo: Chava Ramspek
Kenickie: Simon Häringer
Teen Angel: Meriel Overloop
Frenchie: Christine Blakeley
Vince Fontaine: Keith Day
Henrietta Bryant, Iryna Garkushyna, Diedre Diamond, Frieda Jacobowitz, Alex McKenzie, Andy Cowie, Ken Kitchen

Special thanks to Lawrence Bailey for creating the automatic, systematic, hydromatic Greased Lightnin'!

About the workshop:

This is the culmination of our two-day Musical-in-a-Weekend workshop where we put together songs, dances and scenes from the musical’s main storyline. We had a great time doing it, and it's quite amazing what you can accomplish in just two days.

We spent two weekend days working on the songs and storyline. Instead of a script, we had a storyboard, so we knew what was supposed to happen when and which song to sing, but we improvised the dialogue.
After two days’ work, we presented the results to our non-paying audience, who enjoyed it immensely, as did we.  We were all amazed at the quality of the work after just two days’ rehearsal.