About the Workshop

 “The main purpose of the workshop is to challenge yourself and to see if ‘directing’ is something you want to pursue. You may have to improvise, think outside the box and change things.

How do you communicate your vision and ideas to the actors?”

As a group, the INPLAYERS takes great pride in creating a welcoming community vibe among our members. We strive to create a free and comfortable space for current (and potential new) members to participate in any and all aspects of this great art we call Theatre. One fabulous way to do this is to hold workshops which center around a specific aspect of the process. For example, in March-April of 2016 we held a workshop which focused on allowing those interested in trying their hand at directing for the first time, a chance to do so without the pressure of putting on a full production for a paid audience (though, we always encourage new aspiring directors to submit pieces to be reviewed for our main productions!).

 A little bit about the process:

The workshop was organized and lead by our very own experienced directors (longtime members and recent committee rock stars) Frieda Jacobowitz and Terrence Sinclair.

Prior to the first workshop day, those interested in directing were given a choice of plays to look through and rank; then assigned one by Frieda and Terry based on their choices.

  • There were three days of work-shopping (spread out over three Sundays in March-April)

  • Three 4 hour sessions for actors during each workshop day (a little longer for the directors as they met early with Frieda and Terry every week)

  • A full day of presentation for all of the plays was held on April 17th, the fourth Sunday

The focus remained on helping the directors explore and develop their craft each week and less on the actors. However, for many members it gave them a low pressure environment to dip their feet back into acting as well.

It was a fairly straightforward process, but so much fun! Many of the directors directed for the first time and quite enjoyed it. And of course, it was led superbly! Many thanks to all the directors and actors (many did both) who took part.  We are looking into the possibility of producing some of these one-acts during an upcoming season.