The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Svarupa and Derek Mitchell.

10th and 11th September 2015
Theaterstudio Amsterdam, Postesjweg 1, Amsterdam
16-19 June 2015
Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174, Amsterdam 


About the play

The Pillowman is a search for truth. We meet Katurian, a writer of short stories who, together with his brother Michal is being interrogated by the police. His “fairy stories,” more gruesome than The Grimm Brother’s tales, bear a resemblance to the series of children murders taking place in the town. In a story that twists and turns with dark humour we are asked what is real. Is the nightmarish fantasy he spins ...reality. Or just a figment of the writer’s imagination? Slowly the tale unravels. The consequences of which determine their fate.


Shai Har-Adir, Nina Cohen, Deirdre Diamond, Annika Groeneveld, Ken Kitchen, Mathew Carney, Derek Mitchell, Andy Cowie, Christina-Ioana Rotariu,
Paddy O’Connell and Polly Perkins.

What our audience said


(Images courtesy of Arjen Veldt