Then, Now and There by Noel Coward

Directed and Produced by Alex McKenzie, assisted by Sandy Topzand
Three one-act plays from the collection "Tonight at Eight"

Ways and Means
Daniela Spataru, Robert Flitcroft, Paddy O'Connell, Deirdre Diamond, Sinead Donovan, Henny Vos, Ken Kitchen, Reinier Halbertsma

The Astonished Heart
Edwin Nichols, Tamara Vermunt, Simon Murphy, Reinhardt Chamonal, Sinead Donovan, Chava Ramspek, Matt Percy

Still Life
Meriel Overloop, Peter Hubbard, Christine Blakeley, Ken Kitchen, Chava Ramspek, Mark McDaid, Frieda Jacobowitz, Matt Percy, Lia Gudaitis, Leo Kogan, Andrew Watson

Nina Cohen (stage manager) Lawrence Bailey (set and props) John Ricker (lighting) Sandy Topzand (sound) Greg Spooner (costumes) Giorgi Rossi (costumes) Denis Burke (backstage) Liesbeth Cruys (publicity)