The Writer's Club, by David Congalton, adapted by Chava and Oscar Ramspek

A film project, Directed and Produced by Chava Ramspek



The film follows a group of amateur writers trying to publish their novels. The members of this group are followed and interviewed as they would be in a documentary.


Lennart Roos, Adel Shochat, Pinar Karaaslan, Anibal Kolker, Keith Day, Ken Kitchen, Frieda Jacobowitz, Ellen Ranebo, Christine Blakeley, Terrence Sinclair, Andy Cowie, Shai Har-Adir, Julia Landau, Marie Verheul, 
Desiree Scholten, Cristina Rotariu, Rob Laloli


Director, Producer: Chava Ramspek
Camera and editing: Oscar Ramspek and Arjen Veldt
Lighting: John Ricker and Nina Cohen
Sound: Yann Belin and Roderik Maes
Location manager: Frieda Jacobowitz
Set designer and props: Espen Strandhagen
Continuity: Anastasia Reshetnikova

Shooting from September to November 2015

Watch this space for the premiere date!

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