The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Svarupa and Derek Mitchell.

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th September 2015, at 20.00 (8.00pm) 
Theaterstudio Amsterdam, Postesjweg 1, Amsterdam

Performance in English. Parental guidance advised.

Tickets: €15

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The Pillowman is a search for truth. We meet Katurian, a writer of short stories who, together with his brother Michal is being interrogated by the police. His “fairy stories,” more gruesome than The Grimm Brother’s tales, bear a resemblance to the series of children murders taking place in the town. In a story that twists and turns with dark humour we are asked what is real. Is the nightmarish fantasy he spins ...reality. Or just a figment of the writer’s imagination? Slowly the tale unravels. The consequences of which determine their fate.


Shai Har-Adir, Nina Cohen, Deirdre Diamond, Annika Groeneveld, Ken Kitchen, Mathew Carney, Derek Mitchell, Andy Cowie, Christina-Ioana Rotariu,
Paddy O’Connell and Polly Perkins.

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(Images courtesy of Arjen Veldt