We are a passionate group of individuals from all over the world - a melting pot of creative minds, if we do say so ourselves. We vary in age, level of experience, mind-set and of course opinion. Add this to the dramatic and emotional theatre environment, and you get an explosive mix of free spirits, strong personalities, fierce ambitions, creative expression and powerful energy.

We are Amsterdam's oldest English language theatre group. We are an amateur group, in that we love theatre and perform activities within this group on a voluntary basis.

We explore as many aspects of theatre as we can, from full staged productions of plays and musicals, to staged readings, cold readings and workshops. We provide a safe environment for people to develop their theatrical skills and interests. Any member may propose a production, workshop, reading, etc., to the committee, and we'll do our best to work it into the schedule and support the process.


Banner image courtesy of Arjen Veldt Fotografie