The InPlayers are proud to present our FEATS 2016 submission (see below for more information about what FEATS is), Creativity in the Time of Dictatorship, a comedy set against a backdrop of dictatorship and censorship: funny, poignant and with an undercurrent of fear and oppression.

Written by one of our own, Giorgi Corrêa Rossi, has based this work on his own understanding of the dictatorship which overshadowed Brazil, his home country, from 1964 to 1985. A theatre group is trying to produce a children's play, with little funding and constant censorship. With a mixed group of individuals, all striving for their own goals of fame, love, sex or peace, the result is a humorous, light-hearted, yet personal new work.

The performance stars many of our members and will also form part of our "Three By Three" production to be held at the Badhuistheater in Amsterdam ( in June.

About FEATS 2016

The annual FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) festival will be held this year in Brussels and takes place between 5-8 May. For more information go to




Courtesy of Arjen Veldt Fotografie