The InPlayers was proud to present on the main stage at the 2017 FEATS Festival as well as the Fringe in Frankfurt, Germany.

On the main stage: Bombshells, by Joanna Murray-Smith, directed by Rachel Gorman. Actresses: Amy Dobbert, Alyssa Wagner and Jacquelyn Poplar. We were presented with two awards on the main stage:

(Blackie Award)

to Amy Dobbert, InPlayers International, Amsterdam. Bombshells, Joanna Murray-Smith

(Don Lunscombe)

"The caffeine moment" in Bombshells

6 vignettes from One Table, Two Chairs by Jacquelyn Poplar and Robert Leeds, directed by Rachel Gorman and Jacquelyn Poplar, were presented at the Fringe. Participating actors and actresses: Frieda Jacobowitz, Nick O’Hear Jacquelyn Poplar, Alyssa Wagner.

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